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Catholic blogger accused of in ‘inappropriate, predatory’ behavior

Women in the community around Sick Pilgrim, a Catholic blog for spirituality, have accused the blog's co-founder with nonconsensual touching and “inappropriate, predatory and exploitative” relationships. The co-founder denies the allegations.  

Contraceptive mandate battle still on: States fight religious exemptions

The Little Sisters of the Poor, who have always been known for their care for the poor elderly, have been in the spotlight for the past six years with their objection to the federal government's requirement that they provide insurance coverage of contraceptives for their employees.

Parish roundup: Feeding the hungry; reading about Black Elk

The Field Hospital: St. Vincent de Paul Society gears up for Thanksgiving demand; medical and legal clinics at the Oakland's cathedral; readers recommend books about Black Elk.

At Mass, Jesus seeks to bring others with him to salvation, pope says

If people understood that participating at Mass is witnessing Christ's suffering, death and resurrection, then maybe they would stop acting as if it were some kind of show, Pope Francis said.

Rather than argue, try ‘tell me more’ with Thanksgiving hot-button discussions

Eco Catholic: At this time of year, articles tell us how to get along with the Republican or Democrat at the Thanksgiving table. Try this instead.

Morocco goes digital to counter radical Islam online

The Mohammadia League of Islamic Scholars, the institute leading Morocco’s extensive campaign against violent Muslim extremism, is using social media to reach young Moroccans. 

Religion scholars turn activist in the shadow of Trump

As nearly 10,000 scholars of religion and the Bible shuttled among 300 sessions at a conference here last weekend, Donald Trump dominated the agenda.

I am grateful for so many things

NCR Today: In the midst of this administration, not to mention all the other woes of our world, there are things to be thankful for.

Kansans urge Americans to learn from their economic mistakes

Nationally replicating the "trickle-down" policy in the GOP tax plan won't work, critics say, and Catholic leaders emphasize its unethical burden on low-income people.

Morning Briefing

Morning Briefing: Pope Francis' upcoming trip to Myanmar; perspectives on nuclear weapons; weekend gatherings and Thanksgiving thoughts.