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Parish roundup: Women put plans into action; second site for Gubbio

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The Field Hospital

The Field Hospital: Second Jesuit parish declares itself 'sanctuary'; prayer vigil in Vancouver addresses opioid epidemic; Alaskan parishioner journeys to Ethiopia; interreligious ad denounces bigotry.

After years of cramped spaces, Ukrainian Catholics bless chapel in Odessa

Odessa, Ukraine

When Anastasia Voinikova joined the local Ukrainian Catholic community more than 20 years ago, liturgies were celebrated at the basement of the Roman Catholic church.

Later, in 2005, the community was able to purchase a private house and reconstruct it into a small chapel, which served as the cathedral for the Odessa Exarchate, which covers huge territory of southern Ukraine and at that time, Crimea.

But about 10,000 Ukrainian Catholics lived in Odessa, and the chapel could not house more than 100 people at a time.

When Pope Francis met Trump, the budget probably did not come up

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Trump Abroad

NCR Today: OK, so they met in Vatican City on May 24. They exchanged greetings and gifts. They put on a positive appearance for the world.

President Trump meets Pope Francis, what next?

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Trump Abroad

NCR Today: Now that the papal meeting is in President Donald Trump's past, will it have any lasting effect on his policy or attitude?

Experts discuss just war theory and cyber attacks


Measuring how to respond to a cyber attack that disrupts national security, alters elections or causes loss of life is more complicated than deciding to use force against military attacks.

Pope Francis: Jesus journeys with us even in bad times

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has told pilgrims that God walks with us always, “even in the most painful moments” of our lives as he did with the disciples on the road to Emmaus. 

Pope Francis continued his series of reflections on Christian hope at his Wednesday General Audience shortly after his meeting with US president Donald Trump. The Pope spoke about the disciples’ meeting with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus, in Luke’s Gospel, as “a journey of hope”. 

He told pilgrims gathered in St Peter’s Square that Christians today are a bit like those two disciples: so often we find ourselves “a step away from happiness” but then experience sadness and disappointment.

The Pope said Jesus’ accompaniment of the two disciples shows a “therapy of hope” which “gradually opens us to trust in God’s promises”. Hope, the Pope said, is “never a small price” to pay and always involves defeats and sufferings. However, walking with the disciples in a discreet way, he said, Jesus is able to rekindle their hope.

Pope Francis explained that it was only when the disciples witnessed Jesus breaking the bread that he is revealed to them as the Risen Lord, who is present in their midst. This, the Pope said, “shows us the importance of the Eucharist in which, like the bread, Jesus ‘breaks our lives’ and offers them to others”.

Noting how the disciples return to Jerusalem after their encounter with the Risen Lord to proclaim the good news, the Pope said that “we too are sent forth to encounter others, to hear their joys and sorrows, and to offer them words of life and hope, based on God’s unfailing love.”

“All of us,” the pope said, have had difficult and dark times, when there is “just a wall in front” of us. But “Jesus is always beside us to give us hope, warm our hearts and say, "Go forward, I'm with you. Go forward.”

Listen to Richard Marsden’s report here:


(from Vatican Radio)

The pope steps up

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Trump Abroad

NCR Today: The pope didn't flinch. He maintained a somber composure that was cordial but void of phony mutual admiration characteristic of diplomatic occasions.

Sidewalk lecherousness up high in gilded offices


Column: Women are forced to go through life with catcalling strategies, whether it's dealing with street lowlifes' vulgarities or with powerful men in corporate sanctuaries like Fox News.

Gunmen take Catholic hostages; Philippines' Duterte imposes martial law

Manila, Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte imposed martial law across the region of Mindanao after gunmen, claiming to have links with the Islamic State group, threatened to kill hostages.

God is no warlord claiming victory with enemies' blood, pope says

The Francis Chronicles Vatican City

May 24 general audience: "Jesus walks with all those who are discouraged, who walk with their head down," so he can offer them renewed hope, Francis told the crowd.