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Archbishop Lori's pastoral on MLK and nonviolence is timely, engaging

Distinctly Catholic: The wisdom of Martin Luther King "is more necessary than ever in our violent and fragmented society," writes the Baltimore archbishop. Can I get an amen?

DignityUSA to Irish church: Restore imagery of same-sex couples to booklet

DignityUSA responded to the World Meeting of Families office's reissue of the "Amoris" resource booklet without an image of a same-sex couple which was reproduced in the first edition on page 24. 

How can you really love God? I've found three keys

I wanted to go with love, but had to settle for fear, although I didn't quite understand how the fires of hell squared with a loving God. But, ultimately, love has won out.

Vatican investigator meets with Chilean abuse victim in New York

New York – The Vatican’s troubleshooter for high profile sex abuse cases took testimony today in Manhattan from a victim who says a Chilean bishop, whom Pope Francis has defended, witnessed his abuse and ignored it. 

Francis renews abuse commission but does not reappoint six members

Pope Francis renewed the mandate of his clergy sexual abuse commission Feb. 17, two months after the group's lapse into an inactive state led some survivor advocates to question whether protecting children was being given the highest priority in the Catholic Church.

Refugee groups fight Trump travel ban — and for their own survival

Trump administration officials said in late January they would once again allow refugees from countries included in the bans — which have accounted for more than 40 percent of refugee admissions over the last three years, according to State Department data — so long as the newcomers undergo additional vetting.

Cardinal's words on same-sex blessings show church's broader dilemma

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx seems to recognize that the church is failing many. But his case-by-case approach only reinforces the church's inability to fully embrace LGBTQI people.

First Sunday of Lent: Teach me your ways of love, compassion

Spiritual Reflections: The offer Jesus made to people was really very simple — and life changing: "Repent and believe." What that really meant was "Take on a new perspective! Believe what I am saying about God and about humanity!"

Head of Catholic physicians' group warns of threats to conscientious objection

No physician should be forced to choose between violating his or her conscience and facing professional sanctions, said the president of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations.

Acknowledge sin, but look for signs of God at work, pope tells priests

While it is true that the world is full of sin and sinful behavior, priests must learn to scrutinize the "signs of the times" for new trends and attitudes that are good and healthy and holy, Pope Francis told pastors from the Diocese of Rome.