December 25, 2016

Feb 22, 2017

Christmas  - a Reflection by Fr. Leo


What makes Christmas unique from other holidays is that we give gifts to celebrate love.  As Christians we celebrate the foundation and source of our love; God.  This is the true gift we celebrate and quite a gift it is when we understand the gift given.


God created all things, including each one of us.  God breathed life into humanity and sustains each of us one breath at a time.  But more incredibly he wants us to share in the full intimacy of love with himself as Father (Creator), Son (Redeemer) and Holy Spirit (Sanctifier).  The Paschal Mystery of Christ’s life, death and resurrection is God’s way of removing what stands between us and our experience of the full intimacy of God. 


As we see the infant Jesus we are to see our own innocence restored.  This is God’s self-gift to us, the love we share with others in our gift-giving.  The key word here is gift.  We don’t deserve or earn this gift, we can only willingly receive it.


So don’t let past shame and guilt hold you back, they have been forgiven.  Let the infant heal you as you hold his love in your hearts. Let his love bring you peace, as you see yourself as the infant loved in the loving arms and heart of God.