February 26, 2017

Feb 22, 2017

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Fr. Leo


I can’t help smiling when I hear today’s gospel.  Seems like people haven’t changed much since Jesus’ time.  We still worry and are anxious about many things.  It would be interesting to set our phones to sound some notification every hour of the day, like the sound you get when you receive an email message.  But, at the programed sound we would write down what we were thinking about and note if we were worrying about something.


Could be a long list at the end of the day; need to change the oil, so and so said something bothersome,  what other bills can I pay this week, need to stop and get my prescriptions, need to get back to a family member about the weekend,  etc., etc.


Much of what concerns us may be about being responsible.  But then there is the kind of worry that drains the life out of us.  Unnecessary worry about things that don’t matter, or that we have no control over.  Clothes aren’t as important as we think.  They don’t change us, just our appearance.  Our health is a big concern, but even here, worrying will not add a single moment to our life.  There comes a time when we need to surrender it all to God and be a peace with the blessings being bestowed on us.


What makes a tremendous difference in being able to trust God, is to live in Christian community.  Only then can we not worry about what we will eat, because there will be more than enough, 12 baskets left over.  In the midst of a loving faith community that surrenders all to God, and trust God’s love in all things, makes it easier for us to do so in our own time of need.


Without community, something implied in today’s gospel, we will worry more and live with less peace.  So let us help each other then and re-assure others that we are here for them with our prayer and active love.  And now more than ever, we need to send this message to those who have no home or country to call their own.  Love recognizes that we are all God’s children, and love draws us to be a people who carry one another’s burdens making them lighter for all.  Faith is letting go of fear and worry that keeps us from living in the peace and love of God.  Let us then pray for, and strive to make God’s peace the center of our minds, bodies and souls.