January 29, 2017

Feb 22, 2017

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Reflection from Fr. Leo


Jesus’ teachings in today’s gospel sum up the Christian life.  In the Beatitudes, Jesus declared “blessed” all that common thinking would think of as bad.  Normally we wouldn’t think of those suffering injustice, or morning loved ones to be blessed.  Or those persecuted or meek to be in an honorable position.  But Jesus shows that they are by reversing common thinking.


Jesus puts suffering in the context of the pascal mystery of his life, death and resurrection.  Those mourning will be comforted in the resurrection.  Those suffering injustice will be justified.  And blessed will be those who are peacemakers and meek, they will be filled with true riches.  The merciful will live in mercy; a blessing for giver and receiver.


The beatitudes are words of hope, that while we may bear the cross of Christ now, sharing in the fullness of His resurrection will also be ours.  So, with hope, we can endure our present trials as we play our part in making God’s kingdom real in this world.  The comfort Jesus imparts through hope is to be realized in this world, not just in the next.  For the peacemaker, lives in peace, and the merciful live in mercy, and the poor in spirit receive the fullness of God’s Spirit.  How blessed we are then when we live as Jesus teaches.