September 4, 2016

Sep 30, 2016

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time -

A Reflection by Fr. Leo


Our short passage from the Book of Wisdom makes it abundantly clear that we can not know the mind of God. We have very little clarity about God’s ways, yet, it is the Holy Spirit from on high and her gift of Wisdom that makes our way on earth straight, or correct. Faith is our trusting that God is directing us.  And how can this not be if his Spirit lives within us.



Sometimes it is only when we look back that we can see how God lead us through different challenges to bring us to the good place we are at today.  That path often isn’t the one of our choosing, but is the one we can see in hindsight was appropriate for us. 



One example might be falling in love with someone who enriches our life even if there are those inevitable moments of challenge.  Or “dying” with a parent or someone we love, can transform our own view of death.  We may begin through such an experience to view death as a gift and a necessary moment in being born into eternal life.  One thing we can all be certain of, is that God is guiding us even if we are not fully aware of God’s presence.  Faith allows us to trust God’s love for us in all things, because is Holy Spirit dwells within us.



In our second reading in Paul’s letter to the Phillipians, we see the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in Paul’s effort to have Onesimus accepted as a brother, his equal, and not a slave.  Power request that can only be honored by those who share in the same Spirit as Paul and Onesimus.  Truly, for Paul there is no male or female, salve or free.



In the Gospel Jesus wants our living in the Spirit to be before all else, especially our false selves.  Our true self is one with God and seeking and living in that oneness it the only thing that will make us truly free.  As Christ was one with the Father, the Spirit, through our own deaths and resurrections, brings us to live fully in God even now when his Spirit overshadows us and fills us with new live!